In order to fully experience the mining heritage, we bring you a list of caterers and craftsmen of the Labin region who offer products related to mining, from black pizza and mining brunch to Karbon gin and works of art and souvenirs that you can take as a memento of your Labin mining adventure.

Kavana restoran Velo Kafe, Titov trg 12, Labin – Labinski krafi (ravioli like pasta) and black risotto with cuttlefish

The café is located on the main square in the old town of Labin. They offer excellent coffee, pastries and ice cream from their own production. Next to the café is an inn on the ground floor, decorated in a pleasant rustic style. On the first floor there is a restaurant with an elegant interior with an outdoor terrace from which you can enjoy a different view of the old town square. The menu is rich in Istrian and fish specialties.

Pizzeria Napoli, Titov trg 7 – Pizza Carbon 1921 and Kovarska marenda (Miner’s Brunch)

The chef carefully prepares and shapes the dough according to the traditional pizza recipe, and most of the attention and love is devoted to the choice of ingredients. Napoli pizzas and dishes are traditionally recognized for their quality and uniqueness and provide a very special experience mainly thanks to pizza Carbon 1921 with black dough or Miner’s brunch, which are dedicated to the turbulent mining history of Labin.

Caffe bar Karbon, Zelenice 11 – Karbun, Istrian premium gin

A unique combination of the city’s history and the culture of drinking coffee or any other beverage is embodied in the Karbon Café, which means coal. The history of Labin mining is also felt inside the café, because it is at least visually divided into two parts, one representing Vilete and the other the t.i. Kazarmone, and one wall is decorated with a unique black sculpture representing coal. The bar offers Istrian premium gin Karbun, served with a piece of activated charcoal.

Pizzeria Pineta, Zelenice 18 – Kova je naša (The Mine is Ours) and Labinka (Girl from Labin) Pizzas

Pizzeria Pineta is located in the heart of the city, and the beautifully decorated interior with a spacious terrace allows you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Experienced chefs use only fresh and quality ingredients that have been carefully selected in order to provide a truly superior taste of the dish that will undoubtedly impress. In the Pineta pizzeria, in addition to the classic dishes, you will be able to taste pizzas inspired by Labin and its mining heritage, these two pizzas are Kova je naša (The mine is ours) and Labinka (Girl from Labin).

Hotel Villa Annette, Raška 24, Rabac -  Carbon story of olive oil’ Villa Annette Selection and Miners’ pasutice pasta with salted sardines and cod

This charming little hotel is located on a hill that winds over the entire bay of Rab and offers views of the islands of Cres, Lošinj and Unije. The owners, the Peršić family, together with their team in the boutique hotel Villa Annette in the Essentia Mediteranea collection offer top-quality products from the family olive groves. They prepare a tasting of olive oil for you, which combines food and olive oil with the mining heritage of the town of Labin.

Gallery Alvona & Art Studio Vinko Šaina, G. Martinuzzi 15, Labin – Graphic sheets "Far Horizons"

Vinko Šaina is an artist from Labin and the founder of the Alvona Gallery, located in the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Labin, right next to his art studio. Graphic sheets on the subject of mining "Far Horizons" are part of his oeuvre and show numerous, distant and dark horizons and corridors that stretch at the foot of the city and lead to the city lights of the symbolic Celtic city of Albuin - a town on a hill where light originates, today Labin .

Souvenir Shop Merania, 1. Maja 4, Labin - Locally crafted mining souvenirs

From a small pottery workshop founded in 1993 in Krapen, Merania has grown into a real family pottery manufactory, which has opened an exhibition space in the old town of Labin. Various products, from lighting to accessories, are inspired by traditional shapes and decorations, and they also make indigenous souvenirs designed to tell the story of the history, culture and customs of Labin.

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