The National Museum of Labin is located in the old town of Labin, inside the baroque palace Battiala - Lazzarin, which is recognizable by its reddish facade with blue windows and impressive size of almost a thousand square meters. The palace was built around 1630 and its facade from 1727. It served as the family residence of the Labin noble family Battial until the 19th century when with the marriage of Margherite Battial and Lodovico Lazzarini it passed into the joint ownership of the Battial  - Lazzarini family.

The Labin National Museum is located in the old town of Labin, inside the baroque palace Battiala - Lazzarini. The most interesting thing about the Labin Museum is the faithful depiction of the 150-meter-long mining corridors located in the basement of the building, which encompasses all the characteristic features of the mine, including the original sounds recorded in the original mine. During the construction of this mine, the dimensions of a real mine were taken into account, which means this reconstruction is easily passable in the rst part, but starting from the centre of the construction onwards, the ceiling is lowered, and the passage narrower, which is why it is recommended to wear a protective helmet. The dimensions of the construction of the mining corridors faithfully evoke all the weight and horror of the mining business.

At the beginning of 2020, the space of the Mining Information and Interpretation Centre was equipped and arranged, and in which the mining heritage is presented in an innovative way.

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